Light Bulbs for Lamp Post Available

Residents are responsible for making sure that the light in their lamp post is working properly.
Joanne Rudo has replacement bulbs available for $2.20. The bulbs should last about 80,000 hours.
Call Joanne at 440-572-2321 to arrange to get a bulb.
Sometimes the day/night sensor goes bad. They are easily replaced and can be purchased from Home Depot for $14.95.

Here is some additional information from the Ledgewood Association about Lamp Posts and bulbs.

Post Lights:
  • If you need to replace the globe on your post light, they are available at the maintenance garage. Remember, the globe is a Ledgewood standard and the Architectural Review board has a zero tolerance policy on deviations and burned out bulbs.
  • Home Depot also has contractors available to replace the entire lamp post.