Recent Enactments by the Board of Directors

Dear Unit Owner,
During The Cliffs Association Board of Directors meeting on October 15, 2018  and Special Meeting October 22nd, 2018 the board voted on and passed several important items.

First, The Cliffs Association board enacted an amendment to the Declarations that updated wording to comply with Ohio Condominium law. Effective when filed to clerk of courts.   Found here for download on this web page

Second, the board voted on and passed a new Assessment collection policy that outlines unit owner’s responsibility to pay assessments as well as steps that will be taken if collection becomes necessary. Found here on this web page

Third, the board voted to pass a new enforcement policy that outlines the way that rule violations  will be enforced. This policy will be sent to unit owners when necessary actions need to be taken. The policy  can be found here on this web page