The Cliffs Association in Strongsville, Ohio

     The Cliffs Association situated in Strongsville, Ohio was formed in October of 1974 with the submission of Declaration of Ownership to the City of Strongsville, Ohio.     The association is charged with the repair and maintenance of common grounds, trees, shrubs, and gravel in the common areas. The association contracts for insurance covering all buildings within the association covering for property damage or bodily injury. The association also contracts for yearly general landscape maintenance and snow removal.    
 The association maintains the budget for the above.

New Cliffs Association locking mailbox now available

The association has installed a locking mailbox for unit owners to drop off their monthly assessment payment or correspondence to the board into. Many unit owners still prefer to send the association a check rather than use Buildium to pay assessments.

Since unit owners are now being assessed monthly and have to send checks more frequently the board decided a payment box would be useful.

The box is black and on a post, behind and just to the left of the middle US mailbox, on the north side of Cliffside. The box is CLEARLY marked The Cliffs Association. Please move the red flag (on the right near the top of the mailbox) to the UP position to notify the treasurer there is an item that needs pickup in the box.

Jim K purchased and donated the box. With extreme thanks to his friend John Toth (who provided and installed the post in concrete at no charge to the association.)

2018 Amendment to the Declarations Posted

At the advice of our legal counsel, The Cliffs Association Board of Directors signed into effect due to ORC 5311 an  updated amendment to the Declarations in order to bring them up to date with current law.

Recent Enactments by the Board of Directors

Dear Unit Owner,
During The Cliffs Association Board of Directors meeting on October 15, 2018  and Special Meeting October 22nd, 2018 the board voted on and passed several important items.

First, The Cliffs Association board enacted an amendment to the Declarations that updated wording to comply with Ohio Condominium law. Effective when filed to clerk of courts. (forthcoming to residents via US Mail)   Found here for download on this web page

Second, the board voted on and passed a new Assessment collection policy that outlines unit owner’s responsibility to pay assessments as well as steps that will be taken if collection becomes necessary.  This was mailed to all unit owners already. Found here on this web page

Third, the board voted to pass a new enforcement policy that outlines the way that rule violations  will be enforced. This policy will be sent to unit owners when necessary actions need to be taken. The policy  can be found here on this web page

Finally, at the advice of our legal counsel, the board voted to hire Community Reserves Specialists (CRS) to conduct a reserve study of The Cliffs Association to determine how much regular assessments will need to be adjusted in the future to pay for capital improvements.

The association has the responsibility to budget to maintain association common and limited common areas. The association also must put aside enough money in the reserves to cover the full cost of capital improvements (unless an underfunded vote takes place*).

Updated Ohio Condominium law requires that in order for an association to make a special assessment for capital improvements, A majority of unit owners must vote to agree that the association reserves are “underfunded”  and owners can be specially assessed. It also means that unit owners can expect that regular assessments will be raised in the coming year in order to continue to make capital improvements. Note however this is not the case if an emergency assessment becomes necessary.
Any future special assessments if the membership does vote to underfund our reserves must by law  be computed as the total cost of project minus available reserves, times the unit percentage of ownership in the association. (total project cost – available reserves X % of ownership)


The Association legal counsel has advised  that The Cliffs Declarations specify that maintenance fees should be collected monthly and are due by the 10th of each month.

Beginning with the December 2018 billing and thereafter, Unit Owners will be billed monthly for their regular assessments to comply with our declarations. A $25 late fee assessment will be charged to the unit owners account if assessments are not received by the 12th of the month.

Unit Owners can still choose to pay for 3 months in advance if they desire.

On October 22, 2018, the board signed into effect a collection policy that all unit owners will be receiving via US mail. Please be certain to read.

We encourage you to use Buildium to pay for your monthly assessment fee. You can also set up reoccurring payments via Buildium.

The board has arranged for a reserve study to determine our financial needs for the next 30 years. Owners should expect that monthly assessments will go up and be adjusted based on this study in early 2019.

Email if you have any questions or concerns.

The September 2018 Newsletter is out.

Please check out the latest Cliffs Notes Newsletter at the below link.

Residents calling association vendors

Cliffs residents should be advised that if they call an association vendor directly to have work done on their property that they will be liable for the cost of any work they have done.  Residents MUST contact the board about issues the association is responsible for and the board will arrange for all work done in order that vendor may be paid by the association. 

1. Unit members with inquiries can  use the  Contact Us button within the Buildium app.
2. Use the contact form at the left panel of the website.
3: Send email to:
4. Phone (234) 254-3385 Leave concise detailed Message
5. US Mail The Cliffs Association PO Box 360592 Strongsville, OH 44136

Unit Repair requests will be assigned to appropriate vendor by the board.
The following are contracted items and will be handled by the board.
They will no longer be assigned to one board member:
Snow Removal,  Roofs, Pest  Control, and Gutters


Thank you for your cooperation.‬

The Cliffs Paint color for Homes, Decks and Fences

It's Springtime and time to start sprucing things up!
When Bob Schmitt built the homes in Ledgewood he used specific colors from Sherwin Williams. The houses, decks, and fences in The Cliffs are painted in a stain called Salem Red. An almost brown color.

Sherwin Williams often runs sales of up to 40% off paint. The type of stain is called Woodscapes. Check their website for coupons.

Below is information that can be printed out so that you can take it to the Sherwin Williams Store to make certain you get the right color paint. Here is what the can looks like.
Here is the link to the correct Salem Red Paint on the Sherwin Williams Website.