Residents Abbreviated Responsibilities

 The Cliffs Association Abbreviated Responsibilities
          As stated in The Cliffs Association Declarations, Collection Policy, and Bylaws 
Responsibilities of the individual Unit Owners
1. Repair, replacement, and maintenance of all plumbing, heating, cooling, and electrical systems for your unit rest on the owners. This would include lamppost and address light.
2. Repair, replacement, and maintenance of limited common areas which are assigned to the exclusive use of the unit owner.  This includes patios, courtyards, privacy fences, sidewalks, steps, and driveways.
3. Repair, replacement, and maintenance of windows, doors, and garage doors subject to the rules on color and style.
4. Repair, replacement and maintenance of the unit decks.
5. Repair, replacement, and maintenance of all interior walls, ceilings, non-supporting walls of your unit would rest on the owner.
6. Upkeep of shrubs, bushes, and trees within the exclusive limited common area.
7. The watering of shrubs and bushes contiguous to the unit.
8. Keeping limited common areas clear of all rubbish, debris, and unsightly materials. Furniture and decorations placed outside a unit should be confined to the patio or deck areas where they are not visible from the street.
    EXCEPTION: Holidays and those decorations should be removed no later than 2 weeks after
    the holiday has been observed.
9. Repair, replacement, and maintenance of privacy fences contiguous to the unit.
10. Repair and replacement of gutters and downspouts including connection to the normal drainage systems.
11. The cleaning of chimney and fireplace of your unit.
12. Prompt payment of monthly maintenance fees.
13. Notification to the Board of Directors in writing for approval of any changes to the exterior of the unit.
Responsibilities of the The Cliffs Condominium Association
1. Repair and maintenance of exterior walls.
2. Replacement of roofs. 
3. Repair of well-maintained gutters and downspouts of units. (see #10 above)
4. Maintenance of common grounds, trees, shrubs, gravel, and other in limited common areas. 
5. The exercise of control of all visible areas, outside walls, doors, and fences. This is regardless of whether or not they are in limited common areas.
6. Repair, replacement, and maintenance of sidewalks which are in common areas.
7. Repair and maintenance of certain limited areas as determined by the Board of Directors.
8. Repair and maintenance of lamppost contiguous to the unit due to damage from vandalism or malicious mischief. (Except light bulb replacement)
9. The contract for insurance covering all buildings in the Condominium Association. This coverage also includes liability for body injury or property damage to others arising on premises owned by the Association.
10. Will contract yearly for general maintenance and snow removal.
11. External maintenance of chimneys.
12. Prepare a budget and establish reserves for accomplishing the above.
13. When there is no response from the unit owner on assessments owed after two months, collection and possible foreclosure proceedings may be considered by the Board of Directors.
Additional notes;
No person shall drive, stand, or park a vehicle on a sidewalk, street lawn, or curb of a street, 
         except w
hen entering or leaving a permanent or temporary driveway or when lawfully 
         authorized. (Ord. 1969-63. Passed 4-21-69.)Penalty – see Sections 408.01 and 408.02
No person shall stand or park any motor vehicle or trailer between the hours of 2:00 AM and
         6:00 AM o
n any public street or right of way within the City.
(Ord. 1973-95. Passed 2-4-74.)Penalty – see Sections 408.01 and 408.03
(o) Within one foot of another parked vehicle;
(p) On roadway portion of a freeway, expressway or thruway.
(q) On the side of a street where fire hydrants have been constructed except within the circular area at the end of a cul-de-sac. (Ord. 1982-89. Passed 10-4-82.)   Penalty – see Sections 408.1 and 408.3.
** This is a summary and does not supersede the Articles of Declaration, Bylaws or Collection Policy of the Cliffs Association.