September 2018 Newsletter
                 The Cliffs Association

RESERVE STUDYPer our new attorneys suggestion we are seeking a company to do a reserve study for the association. Yearly assessment fees have not been modified for many years. The association needs to budget for future and be certain we are maintaining enough funds to keep units and landscaping fully maintained. Information of company and when they will be coming around to look at units will be forthcoming.

Collection & Enforcement Policy ForthcomingPer our new attorneys suggestion the board is also in need of a written Collection and Enforcement policy for collecting assessments. These documents will be forthcoming in the next few months. The association has had some issues with residents not paying their quarterly assessments on time(or not at all) When assessments are not paid by a few unit owners it affects the service to ALL owners. The board feels a written policy to enforce compliance is necessary to collect funds in a timely manner. Late fee information  will be included as part of this policy and begin to be assessed when necessary.

In the coming year the units in The Cliffs will need to have a fresh coat of paint/stain on them. We have hired Perfect Painting for this project. They have already been out to measure our units.  

The Association has entered into a contract with Number One Landscaping for snow removal for the 2018/2019 season.  Number One will clear driveways except for a two to three foot area in front of the garage door.  The equipment used to remove the snow will damage garage doors if it comes too close.  Number One will, also, shovel your unit's sidewalk up to the front door.  Sidewalks inside courtyards will be shoveled to the front door as long as the gate to the courtyard is unlocked

The Cliffs Board of Directors work tirelessly to save unit owners money.  We encourage unit owners to walk around their units and take note of any bird holes, bee holes, woodpecker holes or other damage to the siding.  Please check that your gutters and downspouts are firmly connected.  Always inform the Association of items that the Association is responsible for maintaining. .

Do not allow rubbish to accumulate around your unit. Always use lids on trash cans to keep animals from tipping them and creating a mess.  It is the unit owners responsibility to pick up newspapers and litter in their driveway and front yard. Rubbish cans should be put at the end of your driveway and not block sidewalks.  Rubbish should not be put out until after 4 p.m. on Mondays and cans should be taken in by end of Tuesday and not left out.

If the area in back of your unit slopes downward please do not throw plastic pots, or other items down the slope that will be unsightly. All annual flower types must be removed by residents in early November for optimal leaf removal.  Assure that there is no bark mulch against the siding of your home as it will rot the wood, it can be pulled back with a small rake. We urge unit owners to do their part to keep their unit in good condition.

 Ledgewood has an Architectural Review Committee that walks every street in the development.  The committee takes note of any property that is not properly cared for and informs the owner of the need to correct the situation.  The Cliffs Association would receive any such letter and have to pay to correct the situation.  

• When you put your grill away for the season, do not store any propane tanks (even if they are empty) in your garage.
• Check your outdoor lights and remove any bird nests that may have been constructed over the spring and summer.  These are a fire hazard.
• Do not drive or park on the sidewalks, particularly near the mail boxes. Police will ticket you.
• Parking on the street between 2 AM and 6 AM is in violation of Strongsville city ordinance. Police will ticket you.
• Check to make sure the light bulb in your post light is
not burnt out.

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