While The Declaration of Condominium Ownership for The Cliffs Association document contains over 20 articles, The Cliffs Association Board of Directors feels that the 18th article concerning insurance is an important one to reiterate and have available on the web site for both current and potential Unit owners.
Article 18 outlines what insurance the Association is responsible to procure and what insurance Unit owners are responsible to procure. Insurance for unit owners is sometimes called a “walls in” policy at some agencies. However unit owners should note to their insurance agent that the Association does not cover any of the Inside Courtyards, and Decks and Driveways outside the unit. Please see the Abbreviated Responsibilities document on this site for additional information.

Please note the below wording on this website does NOT constitute the full original document Unit Owners should receive upon offer of purchase of  their unit, nor does it entail the entire Declaration of Ownership. Please refer to original document. It is merely offered here for convenience for quick reference  

                              Article XVIII

[1]     Fire and Extended Coverage Insurance

          (a)     The Board shall from time to time obtain for the benefit of all unit owners insurance on the buildings and all other structures and improvements constituting part of the condominium property and on the permanent additions and improvements located within the bounds of each unit against the loss of damage by fire, lightning, such perils as are comprehended within the term “extended coverage,” vandalism, and malicious mischief in an amount not less than the full replacement value thereof.  Such insurance shall be written in the name of, and the proceeds thereof shall be payable to the Cliffs Association as trustee for the unit owners and their respective mortgagees, as their interest may appear, and  provisions shall be made for the insurance upon request, of certificates of such insurance to unit owners and their respective mortgagees. The coverage afforded by such insurance shall be reviewed by the Board not less frequently than once each year to determine if the amounts payable thereunder and the coverage thereof comply with requirements of this subparagraph (a).

Each unit owner shall promptly advise the Board or any managing agent, if any, of the nature and value of any permanent additions or improvements contemplated to be made with respect to his/her unit.  Such insurance shall also provide for the waiver by the insurer of any and all rights of subrogation or assignment and all causes and rights of recovery against the unit owners, and their respective families, tenants, guests and servants, and each of them, The Cliffs Association, The Board, and managing agent and all persons lawfully in possession or control any part of the condominium property for liability against them or any of them for any loss occurring to the insured property resulting from any of the perils insured against under such insurance policy.

          (b)     Any unit owner may obtain individual contents or chattel property insurance, but no unit owner may procure any individual policies of insurance insuring against any loss or damage covered by any of the insurance procured by the Board in accordance with subparagraph (a) of this paragraph.

(1).    All policies of insurance purchased by unit owners shall contain waivers of subrogation or assignment in form satisfactory to the Board, and copies of all such policies shall be deposited with the Board or the managing agent.

(2)     Public Liability Insurance.     The Board shall insure itself, The Cliffs Association, any managing agent, the unit owners and their respective families, tenants, guests and servants and all persons lawfully in possession or control of any part of the condominium property, against liability for bodily injury, disease, illness or death and for injury to or destruction of property occurring upon, in or about, or arising from or relating to the common areas and facilities, such insurance to afford protection to a limit of not less than One Million Dollars ($1,000,000) in respect to bodily injury, disease, illness or death suffered by any one person, and to the limit of not less than One Million Dollars ($1,000,000) in respect to any one occurrence and to the limit of not less than Five Hundred Thousand Dollars ($500,000) in respect to damage to or destruction of property arising out of any one accident.  Such insurance shall not insure against liability for personal injury or property damage arising out of or relating to individual units.

(3)     Board Agent        The board shall to the exclusive agent for each of the unit owners and for each holder of a mortgage or other lien upon any unit, to adjust all claims arising under insurance policies procured by the board and to execute and deliver releases upon payment of claims.